(1) Sundance 2017 Market

A recent article by indiewire focused on the issue that selling a movie at Sundance 2017 is more complicated than ever. The main argument the article focuses on is the difference between being able to compete for a title, and successfully gauging what will work in the marketplace. Seeing that the market place is ever changing it is very complicated to predict what will work and what will not. The article makes an interesting point when it mentions that it is not only the consumer side that is changing, but also the production side. This day and age production teams are having to deal with smaller budgets, but at the same time keep up with the quality of the film. This has become a major challenge in the film world. I agree with the articles argument that producing movies these days is figuring out the element that makes people leave their homes. At the same time though I do not believe the art of filmmaking should be to only satisfy the viewers, but to find the perfect mix of doing that, while telling stories that need to be told.


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