(6) Isabelle Huppert vs. Emma Stone

A recent podcast on indiewire by Eric Kohn and Anne Thompson talks through the recent luncheon for oscar nominees and other developments in awards season as the finish line comes into view. With awards season coming through, there are less quality movies coming out in the meantime. The oscars are quickly approaching and this year is going to be a very interesting one.  The luncheon they discuss about is interesting because each year it documents some of the best and brightest in the film world at this present time. I specifically found the segment of actress awards interesting in the podcast. Isabelle Huppert specifically has been able to work with the top filmmakers across Europe and is known for her renown acting skills. One thing I found interesting is when Eric compares Isabelle to Emma Stone in the film “La La Land. Eric argument was that Emma Stone has less of a chance in winning because of her age. I agree with Anne when she says that sometimes the younger actresses win. Although she may be young that doesn’t mean that Isabelle will automatically get the award. It’s more of a career prize if Isabelle Huppert wins. Jennifer Lawrence is a good example of being young but still winning an academy award for her acting in “Silver Linings Playbook.” Although we can predict who will win what award, it will be very interesting to watch the Oscars and find out!


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