(9) Indian Censorship

A recent article on indiewire discusses the issue with Indian censorship that doesn’t seem to be improving. The newest insight is that a women’s rights film was recently silenced. This film is called “Lipstick Under My Burkha” by Alankrta Shrivastava. Fans of the film as well as people involved in production have taken to social media to slam the decision to refuse it in CBFC. The biggest issue coming from this is the reason as to why they are not allowing it. The root of why they are not playing it is because they think a “lady oriented film” is inappropriate. This is obviously a double standard which is definitely an issue. I definitely stand by this article and its frustration to the issue. As much as I wish there is a solution to this problem, there isn’t much people can do but hope that the government can open their eyes and see what they are doing.


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