(18) Old TV

A recent podcast on indiewire talks about why in the golden age of television, people still re-watch old TV. Liz Shannon Miller and Ben Travers talk about why people don’t tend to give new shows a chance and instead choose to watch re-runs of old shows. They touch on the idea that when watching TV you have to give all of your attention to keep up with what is going on. When it is a TV show you have already seen before, you can have it playing in the background and still keep up. An argument that comes up is if this is a healthy way to watch TV or does it train us to watch TV in a lazy way. I think it does just this. The only pro I can think of for watching old TV is that it does bring a familiarity and you can also pick up on things you didn’t notice before, but ultimately I do think it allows people to become to lazy and loose focus when watching new TV.


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